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Lounge Furniture For Summer And Winter Gardens

With lounge furniture, create a garden paradise!

More and more people yearn for freedom and nature! In our stressful everyday life, there is the need to rest more and to fill up as quickly as possible new forces. And what is there for better than the fresh air and the top up forces of nature!

It has not always have the time or the desire to take spat ornamental walkways in the park or hiking through the forest. We have an ingenious and at the same time very practical idea. Make your garden as a personal place where you quickly and easily can withdraw. This should be pretty, comfortable and decorated with many plants.

Garden lounge furniture for more comfort

Ideas for the design of the garden area

Furniture for your private "power station" are particularly important. All garden furniture has its charm, but the wooden bench and chairs were not optimal for this purpose. It would take something more comfortable and cozy. The garden lounge furniture are the perfect choice. All lounge furniture offer great comfort, attractive design and optimum functionality sets depending on the preferences and taste. The enormous color combinations in which they are offered, allow you to make your outdoor area perfect and beautiful. This furniture is just a real eye-catcher.

Tip: In the search for beautiful images and designs with which we wanted to convince you of the qualities of this chic and modern pieces of furniture, we came across . Find a wide range of lounge furniture and can purchase just the set that makes your heart beat faster.

The poly rattan lounge furniture enjoy great popularity. This synthetic mesh is especially weather-resistant and very easy to clean. The hidden under the braided plastic, powder-coated aluminum frame does not rust and is very solid. This in turn allows that you garden furniture all year round can leave the lounge outdoors. As a result you will have one less to worry about. The only thing required is to cover this.

There are the natural pretty hard of the wicker, as both are too similar. The natural rattan furniture are more suitable for large indoor areas and winter gardens. You create a comfortable jasminlive atmosphere here and can easily consider from the inside how trickles of snow outside.

Do you have a garden pool? Enrich the free zones around him around with modern lounge furniture. A rattan sunbed will provide more luxury and secure you even a boisterous comfort. On the beautiful and functional seating you can relax for hours. Let a holiday feeling in your outdoor through the outdoor lounge furniture and enjoy the summer alone or entertaining company.

And now. Choose comfortable and attractive pieces of furniture according to your taste and style and set up your own place for relaxation or an oasis of wellbeing.

Bean bag: why it's worth and what should you pay attention?

The beanbag is not always even the pieces of furniture you should have necessarily at home. But, is that correct? Actually, this is a very valuable innovation, which brings many aesthetic and health benefits. Hence the high price. Why is worth the investment, you can learn from the next few lines! There you will find also useful tips for choosing modern seat cushion.

Comfortable sitting is no pampering, but a prerequisite for our health. If you sit for hours in front of the TV or with a book in his hand, then it is much better, on a bean bag instead of on a normal Chair or sofa.

The beanbag can withstand a greater load

The bean bag can hold a greater burden and he is always required if there are people with excess weight in the household. In other cases, it is very convenient, because its robustness allows the long use.

Universal use in the interior design

It constitutes no great difference whether you use the beanbag in the living -, children -, or bedroom. From the point of view of the Interior, seat cushion can be integrated anywhere. You are in a variety of forms, colours and textiles.

Can you use the bean bags in more than one room? You should therefore not just purchase some pieces. This is a piece of furniture that can be moved easily in spite of the large volume. In this case, it is particularly important that its shape, fabric and colour to all zones of the living area fit well.

Another advantage of the bean bags is their ease of care. Their covers are usually persistent, automatically washed and made of waterproof fabrics.

You win only if you buy the bean bag suitable for all these advantages. We are entered on the stylistic advantages. What's with the selection based on the materials of the filling and the cover? The most important tips to follow.

The most common references are made of cotton or leather. Both are suitable both for private and commercial use. The first type provides more comfort and in a sense rural charm and the leather adds a luxury feel to the room.

The two versions are easy to clean, if drinks are spilled or food that falls.

Because these covers are easy to clean, they are suitable for outdoor use.

Buy bean bag - so choose the appropriate filling

There is still the appropriate filling of the seat bag of importance. The longer you will sit on it, and the people are serious, the more robust the filling should be of course. The high-quality models have special styrofoam balls. In contrast to waste of the same material used in the cheap brands.

Styrofoam balls to reach more stability and the seat cushions do not deform.

You should select the second option only for occasional use.

There is also the beads that are referred to as "EPS beads". They are again available in two sizes - between 3 and 5, as well as between 1 and 3 cm. So filled are seat cushions perfectly stable, although they seem but a bit stiff.

The beanbags work of the style produced informally and so we quickly believe that your selection may be not so complicated. But it is not so. Bring already certain challenges and make sure on the details, so that you get the perfect piece for himself.

Fabric furniture care - so give new shine upholstered furniture

Sofas and armchairs with fabrics offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. They seem inviting and enrich any interior with a cozy look. Over the years, the covers from cotton, microfiber and co. can subside however visually. Dull surfaces make for a disappointing look unsightly stains. Learn how to properly maintain a new sofa, which materials are recommended and how to gently remove stains.

Fabric furniture maintain upholstered furniture fabrics textiles sofa beige sofa pillow

Natural fibres, synthetic fibres and texture fabrics

Who places value on ecological living and prefers natural materials, is well advised with natural fibres like cotton in upholstered furniture. They shape the climate positively. While wool is dimensionally stable and dirt-repellent properties, excited lines with breathability, is rather unsuitable due to the crease susceptibility for upholstered furniture.

Cotton is completely positive. The natural fiber allows various structures from silky to robust surfaces and is also tear and abrasion resistant. With regard to the durability, synthetic fibers such as polyester or acrylic are however convincing. Because they are less vulnerable to stains and dirt and can be more easily maintained. Because cotton under the natural fibres best variant is which for the sofa and co, mixtures with synthetic fibres in different conditions are possible. The higher the synthetic share of a sofa or chair upholstery, the more robust the surface usually. Woven fabrics are therefore less durable, such as covers made of 100 percent polyester 50% polyester and 50% cotton.Micro fibers because they are very fine, enjoy great popularity. As the term "Micro" suggests, the fibers are extremely thin: exactly taken around 100 times finer than a human hair. The fibers can be processed very close as a result. The results are surfaces that make it difficult for dirt to penetrate deeper into the fabric structure. In the Cnouch Internet shop for upholstered furniture, you can look at brand sofas as home affair and its references in the detail view is and get an idea about so-called luxury microfibre in addition. These micro fiber versions visually similar to the elegant suede and feel similar. In coarse natural fibres, it has dirt in general much easier.Texture fabrics are characterised by gross structural surfaces. The fibres are processed here, that the structure is plain to see. Upholstered furniture with structural materials work comfortably, can feel depending on skin sensitivity and quality of relatively coarse.

Fabric furniture upholstered furniture fabrics maintain textiles pink pattern

But no matter what type of fabric you choose, the care is almost always looks like: thoroughly aspirate sofas and armchairs at least once a week. To remove hair, dust and other dirt particles off the covers and prevent permanent stains and dirt. To protect the materials, use an upholstery nozzle. After vacuuming, should be wiped regularly moist. Lukewarm water (distilled) and soft colorless clothswhich are not fluff, ideal. Well wring out the towels before applying. Moderate moisture protects the colors and keeps elastic fabric covers.

If food or liquids on the sofa, should be traded immediately. With strong absorbent towels, moisture and fatty substances can be removed quickly. Usually the dirt penetrate but as soon the substances, that are only rarely completely avoid stains. Towels should never rubbed on the covers. That can promote the pilling formation and thus reduce the attractiveness of the substances. Gentle pressing enough to include most of the dirt.For stain removal, a mix of SOAP and lukewarm water is sufficient. The SOAP should be however as gentle and include any aggressive components. As an alternative to SOAP liquid detergent can be applied for matching textiles. To mix a little detergent with water and work as described below in the fabric. Substances such as vinegar, citric acid or similar is not recommended. The soapy water is mixed, the following is

1 is trappings apply wet the stain, as well as a large area with soapy water and Pat so long until the stain is removed. This prevents unsightly edges.2. then with clean water repeat the procedure, to remove the SOAP.3. with dry cotton cloths, the entire wet area blot to absorb the water.4 allow to dry upholstered furniture with good ventilation.

Fabric furniture maintain upholstered furniture fabrics home textiles

Wet armchairs and sofas should never be used. Due to the moisture in the fabrics, stretch it and could permanently distort. Before applying any detergents in visible places, it should be tested in inconspicuous areas, early detection of discoloration.Some textiles such as for example the Microfiber fabric Alcantara hypersensitive respond to cleaning. Here, read the manufacturer's care instructions is more important than when insensitive references like micro fiber with a high fibre content.Information consideration except for the choice of materials, in the article "What you before buying sofa should know" in the magazine of wonder woman.Alternative solutions: covers and chair coversFabric furniture with removable covers are recommended for households with children. These can be easily cleaned in the washing machine at common temperatures. Why Sofahussen can be a viable alternative to save, for example, older upholstered furniture, we discuss in this guide.

The Rocking Chair As A Comfortable Piece Of Furniture

Rocking chairs, which would enjoy even your grandma

The rocking chair can look back on a long history. This piece of furniture is one of the most desirable items in the budget. That has not changed for centuries. Modern living room furniture, such as sofas, for example, have pushed him in the background for a while. While he has not lost but by its popularity.

At some point, perhaps by the vintage fashion, taken up again the rocking chairs modern interior design. The "new generation" of rocking chairs that we find on the market, is much more comfortable than most of the old models. Our ancestors would have a reason to be jealous of.

What is actually a rocking chair?

The rocking chairs were real long out of fashion. Perhaps it is important to bear in mind their definition. The rocking chair hit the ground only at two points. He gives the opportunity to rock backwards and forwards the sitter. This ensures high comfort and fun.

Everyone would feel comfortable in a rocking chair. There are some situations where it is useful. Can benefit from such wonderful parents. They can rock out while they soothe their children.

Problems with falling asleep

Some feel just comfortable, if they are in a half upright position before falling asleep. Relax better. The rocking chair would offer the necessary comfort and calm her down by the gentle movement in the bed before.

The different types of rocking chairs

There are different types of rocking chairs. The new generation has kept the classic versions. We see this now almost in the same shape. To achieve a much higher quality, due to the innovative materials and processing technologies.

In addition, there are some totally new rocking chair models on the market.

Let us together look at the different types from nearby

Such a model would certainly spread nostalgia in the room. It looks almost exactly like the models of our grandmas and grandpas. As a user of modern look on the environmental performance of wood material and quality. These must be also still perfectly processed. If all these conditions are met, the Chair would serve you a long time.

So a Chair fits many styles and designs. It can be pretty good transforms using some upholstery and ceiling.

Rocking Chair made of fabric with upholstery and pillows

Some rocking chair models made of wood show super innovative and elegant lines. In some cases, they seem almost futuristic. Some models have fabulous organic forms. Often, such modern models are especially convenient built-in pillow and blankets.

Rocking chair with comfortable padding and Office rocking chairs

Actually as well as all modern concepts of chair back and arm rests can be combined with the idea of the rocking chair. You can find Office, orthopedic or foam-padded models. Modern rocking chairs are made of the same materials as the other chairs of its kind. In addition to their usual properties, they offer but also the extra of the comfortable rolling.

We conclude with a great model for your winter garden. This would fit very well to their winter and summer garden. Will the enjoyment of nature be because that just perfect?

Roller Stool As Comfortable Seating Alternative Of Covers Home And Office

What is our living comfortably? On the one hand, there are certainly the common facilities, such as kitchen, bathroom, etc. In addition, but also the details play an important role. There are individual pieces of furniture that make our lives easier and nicer. For example, an appropriately selected stool makes a big difference for our well-being.

If he is chosen according to the matching criteria, he can save us much relaxation, freedom and even Spa moments.

What is a great stool so?

With the correct stool on wheels, are flexible and feel comfortable.

Some chairs and stools look easy, but in fact not at all. This is very often the pieces of office furniture. A good stool on wheels represents the opposite. Even if he has no rest, you can sit on it very comfortably. The back relax wonderfully.

Choose good padding

The convenient character is first connected to the upholstery. She must be thick and made of high quality foam. Furthermore, it's up to the height. Ideally, it should be adapted to the size of the person sitting. Goes best with the option of the height of the stool.

Now also the role of the stool made of the best material would have to be established. You may not break and stumble in the often occurring in use of the stool. The same applies to the rest of the stool design. You should not compromise with the quality of the materials.

An ideal stool writes perfectly in the atmosphere

The stool should bring you joy by his appearance. It is intended mostly for professional use. A good stool contributes so much to the good image of your workplace represent, if he has an appealing design. The classic look in black or beige inscribes itself best in the most design concepts.

Garden Bench With Storage Space As A Practical Piece Of Furniture Even Of Covers Home

Set up the winter garden with space-saving furniture

As you have probably already noticed, we like to write about season furniture! Why? Maybe you also remember that we would like to point out with such articles on interesting offers and great bargains.

If you buy garden furniture, for example, in this time of year, they are much cheaper. So, don't wait until the beginning of the next summer season!

You are not a priority, you say? Why because not really? According to the latest trends, can be set up to winter terraces and other interiors practical and comfortable garden furniture. From this point of view it can be considered as a priority, doesn't it?

And another thing: the functionality and ergonomic design also prevail in this area. A garden bench made of wood can be used for many purposes. It is ideal both as storage - shelf. Maybe you would rather buy a garden bench with storage space. So you can hide everything beautiful in it.

Garden Bench with storage - the basics

Garden Bench with chest Garden Bench with Strauraum

The basic rules to set up a winter terrace with space-saving furniture are not different than the others. Be still now they understand us.

As little as possible should be on the floor

Garden Bench wood Garden Bench with storage space

In the first place, it is so that as few things on the floor not be around. Winter terraces are typically not very wide. Hanging shelves and potted plants are therefore extremely typical for the establishment at this location.

Many of the small items can then be hidden in the just mentioned Garden Bench with storage space. If this were not a good argument for their shopping.

Are, the furniture, the to - and folded out also very suitable for the winter terrace. Currently, you can find many such garden furniture on the market. You can combine a such table beautifully with a beautiful garden bench made of wood.

The latter allows wonderfully tightly attach to the wall as soon as it is not in use.On the winter terrace, we want to see usually furniture which seem more or less beautiful. The reason for this is that they are a part of our interior design. See beautiful garden furniture this season at very good prices. Now it is the time to buy them. This investment is worth among other reasons, because you now the furniture all year long use.

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