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Designer Chair As A Challenge For Modern People

About the designer Chair HUG and Gabriella Asztalos

The form of the eternal spiral is the design of the designer armchairs HUG based. The execution is very individual. It appears as a moment in this spiral. That would be quite in the style of Gabriella Asztalos. The speech will be later detailed by her.

Let us consider this work a bit more.

Have you already asked yourself why these designers wear the English name of HUG Chair? It has two seats and they were United in a furniture unit. This designer armchairs are a challenge for the modern man. It sits opposite and looks right in your face. Thus creates a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.

Within this circle is the seated opposite person always in focus. Thus seem to us to help the designer Chair by Gabriella Asztalos, to overcome the alienation which prevails in our relations.

More than design

The designer Chair HUG bring so much more than attractive design with it. They are also super comfortable. Also it manages to achieve a high level of calm and relaxation. We achieved a better integration in the intimate relationships and thus much better isolated from the outside world.

In moments, when you're alone, you can lie down there and rave about the beautiful common moments.


The designer Chair HUG are made from sustainably obtained materials and prepared by hand. You can buy it in two variants. The designer armchairs can enroll well therefore in a classic, as well as in a modern ambience. For the first case, you should select a model made of Walnut wood. For the second, it has fiberglass in black and white.

Both models are padded with fine leather, preferred color.

Gabriella Asztalos

Are you curious about the people, which has created this design? Here we also have information about them. Gabriella Asztalos was born in Budapest and studied design at various places in Western Europe. Previously, she had played but professional classical ballet.

We wouldn't mention this. According to their own words, it has helped her learn to better express their emotions. Because in the ballet it comes precisely: to present emotions and States of mind through forms and movements. You now understand the idea of the HUG?

A great career

Meanwhile, Gabriella Asztalos is also the winner of many international awards. Significantly, ICFF is New York design award 2011. Also, you must necessarily mention IFFS international furniture design award Singapore 2011.

She was awarded for her design "floating Garden". For this, she got the A-award in the year 2013.

Now Gabriella Asztalos works in her own design studio in Barcelona.

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